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Indonesia Raya August 31, 2010

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2 days ago I heard Indonesia Raya played at Aula Simfonia Jakarta. I felt proud and magnificent. I just realized it is such a powerful national anthem. I remember when I had to sing this at school, it is always taken for granted, could not fully realized the true meaning of the song. Well I do know now, as a proud indonesian I must not forget where I have been brought up.


Free Train Ride August 9, 2010

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As part of cityrail employees strike, we don’t need to have ticket to travel by train today. The gates are wide open. Here I am, going home by train for free 🙂

Busy July 31, 2010

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Finally after around 2 years “makan gaji buta” I got busy with my work as my colleague has been moved to another client. I feel quite happy with this change because the day goes faster but the consequence is I don’t really have much time to update the blog (well, another excuse for my laziness :))

Sometimes I miss the time when I had to work for long hours back in Jakarta although I don’t think I will be able to do that again. I’m kinda amazed by my pass ability to sleep less than 6 hours a day, even on Saturday. Right now I feel sleepy if I sleep less than 7 hours, especially in Winter. Is it because of me getting older?

Sushi Suma July 18, 2010

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Yesterday I went to Sushi Suma for a late dinner. We arrived at Surry Hills around 9 pm but it took us 30 minutes to find a parking spot. The good thing was there was no queue at all! According to what we read from other blogs, that restaurant always full during dinner time.

We only ordered sashimi salad and chicken teriyaki dinner set, but we couldn’t finish them. The portion was HUGE. One funny thing was that only the manager can take an order.

Agedashi Tofu

Not sure if it’s included in the dinner set or complimentary as there’s only 1 shown in the dinner set picture, but we got 1 each.

Huge portion of sashimi salad. I think it’s enough for 3-4 people.

Cream Croquette, included in the dinner set

Sushi, also included in dinner set. Other option was sashimi

Chicken Teriyaki, ended up for take away

Yummy vanilla ice cream with corn flakes, green tea syrup and red bean. Also not sure if it’s included in the dinner set or complimentary as there’s only 1 shown in the dinner set picture, but we got 1 each.

CeCi Korean Restaurant July 13, 2010

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Two weeks ago we had dinner at CeCi Korean Restaurant at Strathfield. Actually, we intended to eat at this restaurant a couple of times but we changed our mind as soon as we saw a crowd in front of the restaurant. This time we managed to eat in there because it’s 8 pm already.

The interior inside the restaurant is a little bit outdated but the food was nice. We ordered spicy BBQ pork, seafood soup and spicy dumpling.

The spicy BBQ pork was not as spicy as I expected, so don’t worry if you couldn’t eat spicy food 🙂 The soup was a bit bland, Adrian wasn’t pleased with it. I think he prefers spicy soup with cheese (Budae Jigae) like what we usually eat at Madang. Next time we should order their spicy soup instead 🙂 The dumpling was so-so but the sauce was really tasty and spicy.

Side Dishes

Spicy BBQ Pork

Glee Addiction June 23, 2010

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We are crazy about Glee at the moment. We found it interesting only a couple of weeks ago. A bit late, huh? Actually this show has been aired in local TV since last year but we never watch it. For me, the title sounds weird 🙂 Even though the story isn’t that great but how the actors sing and dance are really awesome. I laughed out really load when Chris Colfer a.k.a Kurt Hummel did “Single Ladies” dance. It was hilarious. You can see the clip below.

So far we are up to episode 7. I have to go for now…gotta continue watching at least 1 episode today… 🙂

We’re back June 23, 2010

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Postingan pertama setelah idle 1.5 taon…bahkan tadi udah gak inget sama sekali passwordnya. Haizzz. Moga-moga setelah ini gak males lagi deh 🙂

Back from holiday January 8, 2009

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First of all, apologize for the lack of blog posting after holiday.

We got back from holiday (Indo) on 1 Dec 08, arriving at Sydney in the morning, using …. Singapore Airlines A380. It is the latest one (from the registration number 9V-SKF CMIIW). A bit of delay when boarding at Singapore, probably some technical problems. When I got the time, I will put some photos on my photoblog. One funny thing, there are 2 girls sitting right across us. They started to cry when the plane was taking off. Overwhelmed to fly A380? Hehehe.

We celebrated our 1st anniversary by having dinner at Meat & Wine Co. Nothing fancy, just kangaroo meat and rib eye steak.

Then, came back to work on Dec 3rd. Our church presented a musical Christmas celebration on Dec 6, and it was really beautiful, fantastic, spectacular. I felt honoured to document this event. Photos can be seen here and here for the behind the scenes :).

On Christmas day, went to church, taking photos as usual :). Results can be seen here. After that, went home and got a bad headache so stayed at home for the rest of the day. Mean while some of my friends, they queued at DJ to get some vouchers from 2AM. It is for the first 100 people standing in the queue. I think I will do this thing next December :). Then, went to the city on boxing day, bought nothing even there are sale everywhere.

So now, we are back to normal life, no holiday anymore, we can concentrate on buying our first pad :). We are still deciding which home loan we will take. Currently, the choice is with ANZ because all the good & brilliant people at my workplace recommend it. Anyway, we will go to a mortgage broker so we can compare home loan products.

Dinner at Crocodile Senior Thai November 6, 2008

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Yet another culinary adventure with friends after church in the evening. We found out that Daruma (in Prince Centre) actually closed on Sunday nights so have to try it on other days, maybe we’ll go there on Saturday afternoon.

When we came in, was greeted by some waitress in quite sexy outfit hahaha. Maybe this is some sort of marketing ploy to get more people come to the restaurant. So, we quickly perused the menu and decided to order some basic Thai foods. Maybe if we come back again, we’ll try some fancy ones 😀

Since the room is a bit dimmed, all photos are a bit dark with no flash used.



So many delicious foods hmmmm …

Som Tum Thai & Pu
Green papaya salad with small crabs. At first bite, it was not that hot, but when the foods in the mouth, the chilli started to kick and my throat on fire. LOL. Was good but I like the ones from Saap Thai better.

BBQ Pork Neck
It is grilled pork neck laid on bed of lettuces, with some dipping sauce (soy sauce). As expected, pork is tasty as always. Hahaha


Green Thai Curry
Man, this dish really hit the spot and we all agreed it was fantastic. But we wonder is there any MSG used ?


Stir fried chicken with chilli basil (hot)
Like a normal stir fried chicken everywhere else, with some chilli and thai flavour.

The staple foods – sticky rice.

Recommended 🙂

Homeward Bound November 2, 2008

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Woo hoo, we are pretty excited right now because we gonna have 3 weeks holiday on this month. We will be going back to Indonesia, mainly Jakarta (our beloved hometown) because we really missed it and want to catch up with some friends and family especially Diana since this is her first time going back home after almost 1 year living abroad in OZ. I know 3 weeks is pretty short to spend at Indo but you know, annual leave quota does not let me stay longer 😦 What more, it really is not the best time to go for holiday since Aus Dollar is pretty low and this means more money to buy foreign currency.


Jakarta – here we come.

Anyway, we will leave Sydney on 6 Nov by Singapore Airlines, taking their last flight (they fly 4x a day Syd-Sin), so will arrive at Singapore around 12AM. Decided to spend the night at the Airport Hotel so we can spend the next day (7 Nov) sightseeing (probably bit of shopping) around Singapore. Then we gonna take last flight to Jakarta at 9.20PM using SQ as well so arrive at Jakarta at 10PM local time.

We will also going to Bali for 4 days 3 months since we can’t get enough of Bali during our honeymoon last year hehehe. Everything is taken care of, from the flights, hotel, transport even itinerary is scheduled so we can only hope everything will be work in place and no delays whatsoever. The only thing we worried is Air Asia (for flight to Bali), they are quite infamous with flight delays but when you travelling cheap, can’t really do anything more other than wait 🙂

We at Bali last December.

The temple where Kecak dance is performed on Uluwatu at sunset time.

Pura Ulun Danu

Of course, one of “must do” thing in Indo is to try local foods (let’s hope our tummy can stand the foods) so expect many many entries about this. We have listed which restaurants & places I should go at Jakarta, Bandung and Bali hahaha. We mainly want to eat Indo foods because we missed these the most, the reason is although there are some Indo restaurants in Sydney (mainly on Anzac Pde – Kensignton & Kingsford), the taste is not that original. In Jakarta, there are a lot of good foods you can get from hawker and small restaurants 😀