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Best 1 Barbecue – Burwood October 3, 2008

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We decided to watch Eagle Eye at the cinema after work. Went to Burwood as it is quite near from Rhodes. Reached there by 5.30 and quickly bought the ticket. So we have around 40 minutes spare time before the movie starts. Decided to walk around (despite the soaring hot weather outside) and ended up at this restaurant.


After we seat, the waiter quickly put down the bowls, teacups and tea pot. We ordered only 1 meal – roast pork rice and paid straightaway at the counter.

The soup came before the meal (normal practice at chinese rests).
Tasted a bit sweet with pork meats scattered in the soup. Quite nice!



Roast pork with rice – $8
We shared this meal as the rice is quite generous. There are some chinese cabbage included in the meal so it is not all meat. Roast pork tasted OK, I put some chili oil which is not hot at all and it make the taste even better (wondering if there is any MSG inside the chili oil). In the end, we were quite full only from this 1 plate. Amazing ! Very cheap eats ! šŸ˜€

Movie verdict : do not watch Eagle Eye. The storyline is confusing, even in some action scenes I felt bored. When the plot was uncovered near the end, I felt dumbfounded that a computer really can control all of that events to kill the president of USA.

Tomorrow is Diana’s birthday, so to celebrate it, I am planning to get around Sydney with here on public transport from breakfast til dinner. Wait for those posts, should be an interesting !

A small cake from our colleague – Christina. Thank you very much !



1. arman - October 4, 2008

eagle eye jelek ya? padahal kalo liat trailernya keliatannya seru ya… šŸ™‚

happy bday to diana!

2. adriandiana - October 7, 2008

halo arman

iye jelek, cerita nya ga jelas … yang pasti kecewa banget pas liat endingnya hehehe

thanks for the birthday wish …

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