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East Ocean Restaurant – Haymarket October 7, 2008

Posted by adriandiana in Sydney Foods.
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To kick off Diana’s birthday celebration, we decided to have yumcha (dimsum) on Saturday morning. By morning, we mean 10.30 to have breakfast. Hahaha.


The restaurant itself opened at 9.30. When we came in at 10.30, there was only some people having yum cha and they haven’t got all the foods out which is quite irritating since we have to wait some 10-15 mins more before we can start eating.


Yes, we came back on Sunday night with some friends and my sister (6 of us) to pig out at 1.30AM since it is long weekend (Labour day public holiday on Monday). But did not bring camera. We tried Fukien fried rice (the most expensive Fukien fried rice LOL), and some dimsums.

Back to Saturday, finally food starting to come and we being very hungry took 5 foods straight away from the cart.


Chicken claw / chicken feet
Everyone’s favorite yumcha item, a must have for yumcha everytime and everywhere.


Steamed Rice Noodles with Dough Fritter
Nothing special really. The food name says it all.


Prawn dumplings
The prawns are still fresh as we eat it, we felt the prawns are very firm and 2 prawns per dumpling, can’t complain 🙂

Beef tendon
I personally don’t like this too much, but Diana loves it. If this can be made into a meatball, it would be better I reckon 😀


Pork ribs with black bean sauce
This is my personal favorite dish, always delighting because of all that pork goodness 🙂


Pork siu mai
Again this dish is staple for us at yumcha, another must have dish.


So by the time we finished it all, we have to wait (again) for the deserts to come out. After waiting 10 mins, deserts trolley came.


Mango pancake
Delicious ! all that mango sweetness combined with some sweet cream. I am putting this into my must have yumcha dish from now on. Sorry there is no photo of the fillings. Next time !

Pearl sago and melons.

Conclusion : do not turn up too early as foods were not ready to serve yet. Best time before the crowds started to come is about 11-11.30am. We also did not get any deep fried dishes that day. Probably next time with more people so more foods can be ordered.




1. Lorraine E - October 7, 2008

I love chicken’s feet too but no-one else will touch them. Which is a good thing because it means that I don’t have to share them hehe

2. arman - October 8, 2008

haduh.. jadi pengen dimsum dah…

3. adriandiana - October 8, 2008

Hi Lorraine,
I remembered my first time having chicken feet (when I was a little boy), it wasn’t going really well but when my parents keep having those, just can’t help but eating them and now I am addicted hehehe.

Dimsum di Jakarta yang paling ok dimana? Ada rekomendasi?


4. D - October 8, 2008

+1 for people eating chicken feet….it’s a staple order for me at Yum Cha.

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