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BenBry Burgers, Jazz Festival and Movenpick – Manly October 8, 2008

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We decided to go to Manly after the breakfast at East Ocean, was going to see the Manly Jazz Festival going on over there but the rain made it a bit hard to see.


Manly wharf


Jazz festival in the rain

Sometime the rain will stop and for the moment we can really enjoy the music but that only lasts about 1/2 an hour and it started to wet again. After a few moment, we began to feel hungry again hehehe and decided to chow on burgers seen on Not Quite Nigella.



Exterior and interior of the place

Not that familiar with Manly area, we got a bit lost when trying to find Sydney Road, but turns out it is really near the beach end of The Corso :D. Once there, the BenBry sign can’t be missed.

We did a quick scan of the menu and came up with these orders.

Fries with aioli
I haven’t found out what aioli is, I think the taste just like mayonaise. This is my new favorite sauce to have with fries šŸ˜€



Tropical Feast burger with cheddar cheese
Apology for the thumb holding the buns :D. I never had any other burger aside Whoppers and Macca’s burgers, so this is my first time tasting “real” / gourmet burgers. Man, I don’t know what I am missing here. Definitely better than any fast food franchise burgers. Hahaha, I always thought burgers everywhere would be the same, but not this one. The sauce combination (probably the aioli factor :)) is just right with that grilled meat and bacon taste. Diana ordered this burger and ended up could not finish the whole thing. Too much of a good thing for here.




Barramanda burger – grilled
I ordered this with grilled fish. They let you choose battered as well but I prefer this way. The fillings is like a normal burger with lettuce and tomato, again I found probably because of sauce combination (this one tartare with aioli), the taste is like nothing I tried everywhere else.

After this lunch, we went to see some jazz again but no luck as the group just finished their last song and another show would be half an hour later. So we decided to go back and make quick pit stop at Movenpick Ice Cream to have our desert.





Maple walnut ice cream and Creme Brulee (2 scoops)
Creme brulee is too sweet to my preference and maple walnut is just nice. I will try some other flavours next time I go there.



1. Lorraine E - October 8, 2008

Aioli is a garlic mayonnaise (although theirs is fairly light in garlic). The burgers are great there and I’m so glad it’s not too far away from me. I could do with a Tropical burger right now…

2. adrian - October 8, 2008

That’s good you can get your burger fix anytime you like. I will try to find out some good burgers around my area. One can only hope ….

3. squishies - October 9, 2008

Gosh, those photos really remind me of Fergburger in Queenstown! They look delish and now I’m rather hungry =)

*puts BenBry on her list to eat at*

4. waterfall - October 29, 2008

You should have tried the onion rings. The rings are much, much better than the chips!

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