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Parramatta Ferry Ride October 9, 2008

Posted by adriandiana in Personal, Travel.

What is the best way to use that DayTripper ticket knowing you only have a few more hours left?
Use it for the expensive rides such as ferry ride šŸ˜€

Alright, we used the ticket for ferry ride to Manly and return to CQ. I really have no idea what it costs if we only buy the ferry ticket only (can’t be bothered to find out the price on web hehehe). So, to maximize the usage, we also decided to catch ferry ride to Parramatta and return to CQ.



Really, there were also other people doing same stuff like us, because I saw one lady on ferry ride to Manly, only to see her again on the Parramatta wharf at the end of the day. Hahaha. So, I reckon Daytripper is quite a good value ($16) when it comes for travelling around Sydney the whole day.


I just found out that no more ferry goes beyond Parramatta so they have to turn the ferry around in front of the wharf.




The Rivercat is turning around. Nice red clouds hanging in the sky.


Sunset view




1. Arman - October 9, 2008

nice pics!
itu gambar yang ke 3 dan ke 4 dari bawah keren banget awan nya di langit.

2. Arman - October 9, 2008

hey hey…. btw mau tanya dong. tau gak kalo ke perth tuh enaknya ngapain/kemana aja yang asik dan seru? cici gua mau ke perth tapi buta tentang australi.
kalo ada suggestion, tolong emailin gua ya: arman.tjandrawidjaja@gmail.com

Thanks a lot!

3. adriandiana - October 9, 2008

hi arman
sorri gue kurang tau soal perth, dulu pernah seh kesono lagi SMP hehehe skarang dha kaga inget apa2 lagi .. kalo ke sydney bisa gue kasi tau makan enak n jalan2 kmana ….

4. arman - October 10, 2008

it’s ok
thanks anyway… šŸ™‚

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