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Hurricane’s Grill – Bondi Beach October 13, 2008

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This place is well known amongst Sydneysiders, which can be proven from the queue on dinner time. We went there for dinner last Monday (public holiday), and at 6.30PM it was already jam packed. Was told to wait around 40 minutes which ended up being 1.5 hour wait šŸ˜€ I guess that is the price you gotta pay for not having reservation on busy hours.

While we were waiting, there were some quite big groups of Indonesian also waiting their turns to be called. Yes, this place is also famous for Indonesian in Sydney. Even my dad always wanting to go there everytime he is in town. Hehehe. Diana also met an old friend back from her junior high school (small world !).

Although we went to Fish market that afternoon, we decided to order mussel in cream sauce which turns out to be OK, and of course, the compulsary (for us) full rack of pork ribs.

As usual, a loaf of bread to start the meal.

Mussels with cream sauce and bread
There are 6 mussels in the bowl and they all are quite big with hints of garlic and parsley. The cream is okay and the bread for dipping is also the same bread we have for opener. Quite a good meal for a non seafood restaurant.

Caesar salad
This one is totally disappointing (you can buy 1 from Sumo Salad and it tastes better). Cos lettuce leaves are not that fresh anymore (starting to be yellowish), and there are some anchovies (I like anchovies, but not in caesar salad). I won’t order this for next time.



Full rack of pork ribs with chips (or mashed potatoes)
This dish is what Hurricane’s so famous (I reckon). The sauce, it feels sweet and really give the ribs that grilled flavour. Our ribs have some bits burned out, so we have to get rid those parts which is annoying but once we start eating it, we can forgive those burn out parts.

While it was pretty exciting for the first few bites of the ribs, in the other hand it’s excruciating finishing last few bites. As usual, I have to eat more ribs than Diana, so I ended up too full šŸ˜€ But that’s okay as we don’t go here that often.



1. arman - October 14, 2008

sampe nelen ludah ngeliatnya. hehe

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