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Diana’s Birthday Dinner – Rise Restaurant Darlinghurst October 15, 2008

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Diana just celebrated her birthday on 4 Oct, so we decided to have dinner with some friends on the 5th of October. The place we choose is Rise Restaurant which serves 7 course Omakase Degustation Menu. It is our first time trying degustation menu except Mark which has been to Tetsuya’s and tried their 12 course degustation menu.

The restaurant itself located in Darlinghurst, near Kings Cross (Big Coca Cola sign). It was really pretty hard finding a parking spot, which probably due to the long weekend (Labour Day public holiday).

Something funny happened while we were waiting for the foods to come. I pulled out my SLR camera and started taking photos of the foods & friends. This act in effect get other people (at other tables) pulled out their own SLR too. LOL.

Alright, enough with the story, let’s get on with the photos, shall we.

Menu (this can be changing from time to time)

Salad of ocean trout tataki & mango coconut salsa
I tried ocean trout sashimi for the first time and still thinking it was salmon hehehehe. They all really look alike.

Potato cream soup with prawn tempura & tofu
This is by far the most delicious meal of all we had during the 7 course, and we all agreed.


Assorted today’s fresh market sashimi
This meal consist of tuna, salmon sashimis and oyster. Of course, nothing special about this. Pretty common in other jap restaurants.


Steamed baby octpus with ‘ume’ plum sauce, Tuna tartare on gari sushi roll, Duck and bamboo shoot with “Hoisin” sauce

Steamed scallop, mung bean noodle & ginger shallot sauce
I didn’t mix the noodle and sauce so when I eat the noodle, it felt really bland. Something wrong, but others find out we have to mix it so really the taste is not that bad hehehe. ( I forgot how it tastes though, probably similar to some soy sauce).


Chicken roulade tempura with pumpkin puree & soy ginger sauce
This came as the main meal, with a surprise. They gave us a bowl of rice to have with this meal. We couldn’t help but assuming this is so asian. Everything needs to be eaten with rice. Hehehe. Why is that? I thought it is nice enough to eat this on its own. Personally I am quite disappointed as I found the sauce taste is rather bland.

The video light from Mark’s Canon HDV camera is good for lighting up the food 🙂

Pannacotta with black tapioca & kahlua cofee granita
Very nice, I can really feel the kahlua in all that ice.



A special desert prepared by the restaurant for the birthday girl.

The 3 siblings … enjoying the food

Does something smell funny?

Mark really look genuinely surprised when I took his photo


The lovely couple enjoying their desserts


Gifts presentation. Diana thought it was a wallet.

Which turns out to be Nintendo DS


Posing in front of the entry door, while waiting Mark getting the car.

And some spooky ghost story as well hehehe.

Overall, it was a nice dining experience. We ended up getting more food that night (at 1 AM – went to East Ocean to have very very late dinner yumcha), since the food portion is not that big at Rise. I also have this similar post at my photo blog



1. arman - October 16, 2008

wow mantap banget makanannya.. keliatannya enak2.. 🙂

2. FFichiban - October 16, 2008

Ahhh Rise.. I haven’t gone in so lonnng. This post is beckoning me to go back for another round Thx!

Nice photos btw 🙂 what camera you use?

3. adriandiana - October 17, 2008

pasti di LA jg banyak makanan enak kaya gini …

Thanks. I also look forward returning to Rise once they alter the menu. I use Canon 30D and IXUS850IS. What about you guys at HereComesTheFood?

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