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Yumcha at Zilver October 20, 2008

Posted by adrian in Sydney Foods.
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Our friend Erwin, will be flying back to Jakarta on Sunday afternoon, so we took him to have yumcha in the morning. There should have been another friend joining us, but she bailed out at last minute.



We decided to try yumcha at Zilver considering the place is always crowded at lunch time. We got there by 9.30am which is very early (we usually sleep in on Sundays hehehe). As expected, the restaurant is pretty empty and there was only 1 old chinese guy having his tea reading newspaper.

Once we seated, the food trolley came and we chose our dishes straight away.

Chicken feed
Too much blackbeans and garlic so the taste is overpowered by those 2 ingredients. Prefer the ones from East Ocean.

Chicken siu may
We also ordered pork siu may which looks similar but tasted better hehehe. Overall, siu may is not that solid (when I bite it, it just breaking apart). I prefer solid siu mays šŸ˜€

Har gau
East Ocean definitely do this dish better than Zilver. Here, it is too sticky resulting the skin won’t coming off from the wooden container.

Pork ribs
Again it is a bit strong on the blackbean side. But I found it quite delicious.

Xiao long bao
Not too much ginger taste inside. It was ok.

Cha siu pau

Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

Lo ma gai (sticky rice in lotus leaf)

Mango pancake
This desert managed to let me down with little bit of mangoes contained inside and the cream is not that sweet.

About an hour later since we came in, all dishes are finished and we ready to pay.

They also have the tissue pack similar to East Ocean’s. I wonder if other yumcha restaurants also have this kind of thing?



1. FFichiban - October 20, 2008

Ahh nice photos so you are still a fan of East Ocean eh? hee hee I use a point and shot Canon IXY but D has his baby Olympus DSLR.

2. adriandiana - October 20, 2008

Yes, big fan of East Ocean, although Rhodes Phoenix is quite good as well šŸ™‚ … well I still have to try more yumcha places around Sydney …

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