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Wagaya Restaurant at Haymarket October 21, 2008

Posted by adrian in Sydney Foods.

Was going to have dinner at Daruma after church with the usual mob, we found out that they were closed for public as there was a private function held. So, we went to Wagaya instead since it has been 3 months ago we eaten here.



Once there, we were told to wait 30 minutes as they were quite busy at the time. So we duly wait and precisely after 30 mins mark, we were called to our table. As you might have know, this place got a touchscreen on each table for ordering foods so no need for calling waitress. That is quite cool but what about food quality? We are about to find out.

Menu is quite big and lots of foods are listed in there, so we needed a bit of time to make up our mind. To me, a large menu is a sign that food quality is not gonna be that special since they have to make a lot variety of foods in short time to fulfill customer’s demand.


Sushi roulette – $8.60
We started off with this. Luckily I didn’t get the one with massive amount of wasabi. Too bad we all forgot to put the soy sauce since we too much paying attention picking the sushi.

Dragon Roll – $9.80


Rainbow roll – $9.80
Sam & Stephanie had dragon roll. Feri & Shierlyne got the rainbow roll. Did not expect the sushi roll look so small. Totally different than what we had 3 months ago. Why did they make the size smaller? Totally disappointed with these rolls. Not recommended having sushi at this place.

Salmon chazuke – $8.90
Mark chose this one as he likes rice very much hahaha. It is a salmon soup with rice (and ginger I assume). I thought it is a bit expensive since bowl is not that big.


Sukiyaki – $9.90
Diana and I had this, it comes with the portable stove and everything is still raw. Tasted quite ok.


Yaki Onigiri – $5.50
Oily, salty and only a little bit of fish inside. I just imagined I am having those onigiris from Ryo Noodle’s when having this, hahaha it is that bad!

Overall experience is not very delightful. All of us are really let down with small portion size and somewhat mediocre taste. We all agreed won’t be coming back here.



1. arman - October 21, 2008

gua ngilerrrrrrrrr… !!!

2. D - October 21, 2008

I agree, the sushi sizes and quality of food served at Wagaya has definitely decreased after re-visiting it a few weeks ago

Rule of thumb of restaurants that wish to get attention: serve big in the first few months; then cut costs once you have your customers.

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