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Sakura Japanese Kitchen at Pitt St October 24, 2008

Posted by adrian in Sydney Foods.

Last Thursday, we were keen to go to Sydney Night Noodle market, and three of us (me, Diana, Erwin) arrived at 8PM only to found too many crowds queueing at the stalls and we felt very very hungry.

Decided that better look for some nearest restaurant that is not too crowded so we can eat straight away. Well, what do you know, we really found one and literally after we order (a minute or so), the foods came to our table blazing fast!


Actually, we have been wanting to dine here but never got the chance so we gave it try.

Pork Katsu Don set
Erwin ordered this and I tasted a bit as well. Crumbs is a bit on the soggy side.

Diana had the Tasmania Don which consists of sashimis with rice. There is also some tartare sauce? The fishes don’t look fresh.

Meanwhile, I had the Teriyaki Chicken set. Again pretty common taste.

Takoyaki, bland taste inside. The mayonaise does not help bring up the taste either. Big no-no!

Deep Fried Gyoza, no good as well.

We are totally disappointed with the taste, and freshness of the foods. They already prepare the foods in the plate / bowl so I assume they just heat it in microwave before serve it. Also, a bit hard getting cold water as the waitress didn’t want to give the big bottle. So everytime we have to call for water to be filled. That is a bit silly. For sure, we won’t be coming back here.

Now is Friday afternoon, and I am still deciding what to have for dinner ….. hopefully it is not going to be as bad as Sakura đŸ™‚



1. arman - October 25, 2008

gak ok ya.. padahal kalo diliat dari gambarnya ok bagnet ya… đŸ˜€

2. christine - February 17, 2010

hi – this restaurant has always been one of my fav’s! last night my friend Lil and I went along and sure enough – service is still great, food is fast, cheap and yummy. First time for Lil – and she was impressed. Invariably its always the way when I take my friends to this little gem in the city đŸ™‚

Happy eating

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