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Doyle’s at Watson’s Bay October 29, 2008

Posted by adrian in Sydney Foods.

We ate here with Erwin on his daytrip around Sydney.

Reached there around 1.30-2PM, as expected it was busy time as there were lotsa people queueing up buying foods. I managed to get a seat inside so Erwin and Diana waited for the foods outside.

We only had 3 dishes which are The Seafood Basket (variety of deep fried seafoods), Combo Pack (almost the same thing with The Basket), and Oysters 1/2 doz with Mornay Sauce and Cheese.




Oysters 1/2 doz with Mornay Sauce and Cheese

Fresh oysters, cheese is salty and gooey enough. First time trying the mornay sauce đŸ™‚



The Seafood Basket & Combo Pack
Consists of 2 pcs of fish, calamaris, prawn cutlets, scallops, and of course chips. Overall I can’t differentiate deep fried taste from any other fish and chips shops. The fish are beer battered (I think) so the crispiness is well … quite crispy đŸ˜€ The sweet chilli sauce provided need a bit more taste to it as the it is not strong, but then again people prefer it that way …. but I like it hot đŸ™‚



1. arman - November 1, 2008

wuii oysternya…. looks so yummy!!

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