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Dinner at Chat Thai – Haymarket November 2, 2008

Posted by adrian in Sydney Foods.

We went to Chat Thai last week after watched the movie “Body of Lies”. For you who have not watched Body of Lies, you better get going because it was a good movie with some twist at the end, and Di Caprio really shines as CIA agent hunting a terrorist cell in Middle East. Russel Crowe’s character is quite annoying as the bullish CIA boss.

We were there at 6 to have a quick dinner but the plan have to change since there were so many people already queued and the movie starting at 7 PM. I just made a quick reservation tell them we will come back at 9.30 PM.

Located in front of room, I think they make deserts and some sweet foods to take away.

People are still queueing at 9.30PM.

Finally seated. Nicely decorated interior.

We came back at 9.30PM and got our seat straightaway. Although we quite often eat Thai foods, but the menu listed some of the foods we never heard before.


Grilled pork satay with sauce.
Sauce is some kind fish sauce garnished with some shallots. Being Indonesian, I prefer to have my satay with sweet soy sauce šŸ˜€



Barramundi stuffed with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.
The fish is chargrilled. Tasted ok on its own (they did not put any sauce), this dish accompanied by nam jim jeaw, a spicy relish of chilly, palm sugar, tamarind essence with hint of tomato. So you can imagine it is quite sour, but the sourness compliment the fish perfectly.

We only had these 2 dishes with sticky rice.



1. Ja - January 17, 2010

just found ur blog, like it. and being Thai, I am so happy to see that u guys often eat Thai food šŸ™‚

The Grilled pork satay with sauce in your photo is not satay.. actually it was grilled bbq pork, We call it ‘Moo Ping’. (Our satay one is similar as urs (contains peanut and coconut milk)….but I first tried Indo satay in Ayam goreng 99.. the sauce was a bit different and sooooooooo delicious)

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