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Dinner at Crocodile Senior Thai November 6, 2008

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Yet another culinary adventure with friends after church in the evening. We found out that Daruma (in Prince Centre) actually closed on Sunday nights so have to try it on other days, maybe we’ll go there on Saturday afternoon.

When we came in, was greeted by some waitress in quite sexy outfit hahaha. Maybe this is some sort of marketing ploy to get more people come to the restaurant. So, we quickly perused the menu and decided to order some basic Thai foods. Maybe if we come back again, we’ll try some fancy ones đŸ˜€

Since the room is a bit dimmed, all photos are a bit dark with no flash used.



So many delicious foods hmmmm …

Som Tum Thai & Pu
Green papaya salad with small crabs. At first bite, it was not that hot, but when the foods in the mouth, the chilli started to kick and my throat on fire. LOL. Was good but I like the ones from Saap Thai better.

BBQ Pork Neck
It is grilled pork neck laid on bed of lettuces, with some dipping sauce (soy sauce). As expected, pork is tasty as always. Hahaha


Green Thai Curry
Man, this dish really hit the spot and we all agreed it was fantastic. But we wonder is there any MSG used ?


Stir fried chicken with chilli basil (hot)
Like a normal stir fried chicken everywhere else, with some chilli and thai flavour.

The staple foods – sticky rice.

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Whooo, that was an awesome lot of food pictures you had on this blog. Think I will have to eat a second dinner after seeing all these pics đŸ˜›

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