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Back from holiday January 8, 2009

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First of all, apologize for the lack of blog posting after holiday.

We got back from holiday (Indo) on 1 Dec 08, arriving at Sydney in the morning, using …. Singapore Airlines A380. It is the latest one (from the registration number 9V-SKF CMIIW). A bit of delay when boarding at Singapore, probably some technical problems. When I got the time, I will put some photos on my photoblog. One funny thing, there are 2 girls sitting right across us. They started to cry when the plane was taking off. Overwhelmed to fly A380? Hehehe.

We celebrated our 1st anniversary by having dinner at Meat & Wine Co. Nothing fancy, just kangaroo meat and rib eye steak.

Then, came back to work on Dec 3rd. Our church presented a musical Christmas celebration on Dec 6, and it was really beautiful, fantastic, spectacular. I felt honoured to document this event. Photos can be seen here and here for the behind the scenes :).

On Christmas day, went to church, taking photos as usual :). Results can be seen here. After that, went home and got a bad headache so stayed at home for the rest of the day. Mean while some of my friends, they queued at DJ to get some vouchers from 2AM. It is for the first 100 people standing in the queue. I think I will do this thing next December :). Then, went to the city on boxing day, bought nothing even there are sale everywhere.

So now, we are back to normal life, no holiday anymore, we can concentrate on buying our first pad :). We are still deciding which home loan we will take. Currently, the choice is with ANZ because all the good & brilliant people at my workplace recommend it. Anyway, we will go to a mortgage broker so we can compare home loan products.



1. Craig - January 9, 2009

Hi Adrian,
Came across your blog while I was doing some Kangaroo meat research, firstly congratulations on your blog. Good to hear you are a Kangaroo meat eater, I haven’t been to Meat & Wine co, how do they serve the Kangaroo – was it good?

2. SK - January 25, 2009

Some absolutely fantastic food posts! Keep it up. šŸ™‚

3. Silviu - May 21, 2009


4. adrian smith - February 22, 2010

Hi guys

We too are Adrian and Diana from London. we have not been to central Asia yet that will be on our next tour. Last yeqar we cycled from India to London, we had an absolute blast. I am going to keep in touch with our namesakes, So hey adrian and diana have fun checkm out our web blog.


Big love and happy travels to you……Adrian

Email. adriangenesmith@yahoo.co.uk

and if you come to London you are welcome to stay at our place anytime. u.k 07944 173 844

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