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CeCi Korean Restaurant July 13, 2010

Posted by Diana in Sydney Foods.

Two weeks ago we had dinner at CeCi Korean Restaurant at Strathfield. Actually, we intended to eat at this restaurant a couple of times but we changed our mind as soon as we saw a crowd in front of the restaurant. This time we managed to eat in there because it’s 8 pm already.

The interior inside the restaurant is a little bit outdated but the food was nice. We ordered spicy BBQ pork, seafood soup and spicy dumpling.

The spicy BBQ pork was not as spicy as I expected, so don’t worry if you couldn’t eat spicy food 🙂 The soup was a bit bland, Adrian wasn’t pleased with it. I think he prefers spicy soup with cheese (Budae Jigae) like what we usually eat at Madang. Next time we should order their spicy soup instead 🙂 The dumpling was so-so but the sauce was really tasty and spicy.

Side Dishes

Spicy BBQ Pork



1. arman - July 20, 2010

iya soup nya keliatannya kok bland gitu ya… rasanya kalo korean food gak sampe merah2 rasanya kurang gimanaaa gitu. haha.

di sana ada soon tofu soup juga gak?

Diana - July 20, 2010

ada…cuma kebetulan lagi mau sop porsi kecil yang pilihannya cuma seafood ato fish roe. ternyata yang seafood kuahnya yang clear. lain kali kalo ke sana mo coba spicy kimchi, kayaknya enak 🙂 so far sop korea yang paling sedap tuh yang merah trus dikasih cheese lembaran, isinya sosis, daging maling, fish cake, meatball, dkk….hehehe

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