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About Adrian & Diana

A short introduction.

We are Adrian Christianto & Diana Octavia. Married back on 1 Dec 2007, we live in Sydney Australia. We are still Indonesian citizen but live permanently here so we are not trully OZ yet.

We, like most young married couple, would like to have our own place someday, so we are in the process of saving up for that new place. But we still love traveling, eating out and etc so we can still have some fun while saving up.

This blog will follow our life so we will post just about everything if we want to do it and feel like to do it )



1. ton6312 - November 2, 2008

Greetings from Indonesia for a happy couple 🙂 Glad to find such a witty blog and would love to see your adventure and other culinary experiences there. My best.

2. Noni - November 19, 2008

Another couple from Indo who live in Sydney 🙂 Salam kenal yak.. Wah foto2nya bagus2 banget… Love to read all your adventures…

3. Kode PS2 - April 20, 2009

hi… can we make a link exchange?? i have link ur blog.. thanks for reply..

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