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Sushi Suma July 18, 2010

Posted by Diana in Sydney Foods.

Yesterday I went to Sushi Suma for a late dinner. We arrived at Surry Hills around 9 pm but it took us 30 minutes to find a parking spot. The good thing was there was no queue at all! According to what we read from other blogs, that restaurant always full during dinner time.

We only ordered sashimi salad and chicken teriyaki dinner set, but we couldn’t finish them. The portion was HUGE. One funny thing was that only the manager can take an order.

Agedashi Tofu

Not sure if it’s included in the dinner set or complimentary as there’s only 1 shown in the dinner set picture, but we got 1 each.

Huge portion of sashimi salad. I think it’s enough for 3-4 people.

Cream Croquette, included in the dinner set

Sushi, also included in dinner set. Other option was sashimi

Chicken Teriyaki, ended up for take away

Yummy vanilla ice cream with corn flakes, green tea syrup and red bean. Also not sure if it’s included in the dinner set or complimentary as there’s only 1 shown in the dinner set picture, but we got 1 each.


CeCi Korean Restaurant July 13, 2010

Posted by Diana in Sydney Foods.

Two weeks ago we had dinner at CeCi Korean Restaurant at Strathfield. Actually, we intended to eat at this restaurant a couple of times but we changed our mind as soon as we saw a crowd in front of the restaurant. This time we managed to eat in there because it’s 8 pm already.

The interior inside the restaurant is a little bit outdated but the food was nice. We ordered spicy BBQ pork, seafood soup and spicy dumpling.

The spicy BBQ pork was not as spicy as I expected, so don’t worry if you couldn’t eat spicy food 🙂 The soup was a bit bland, Adrian wasn’t pleased with it. I think he prefers spicy soup with cheese (Budae Jigae) like what we usually eat at Madang. Next time we should order their spicy soup instead 🙂 The dumpling was so-so but the sauce was really tasty and spicy.

Side Dishes

Spicy BBQ Pork

Dinner at Chat Thai – Haymarket November 2, 2008

Posted by adrian in Sydney Foods.
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We went to Chat Thai last week after watched the movie “Body of Lies”. For you who have not watched Body of Lies, you better get going because it was a good movie with some twist at the end, and Di Caprio really shines as CIA agent hunting a terrorist cell in Middle East. Russel Crowe’s character is quite annoying as the bullish CIA boss.

We were there at 6 to have a quick dinner but the plan have to change since there were so many people already queued and the movie starting at 7 PM. I just made a quick reservation tell them we will come back at 9.30 PM.

Located in front of room, I think they make deserts and some sweet foods to take away.

People are still queueing at 9.30PM.

Finally seated. Nicely decorated interior.

We came back at 9.30PM and got our seat straightaway. Although we quite often eat Thai foods, but the menu listed some of the foods we never heard before.


Grilled pork satay with sauce.
Sauce is some kind fish sauce garnished with some shallots. Being Indonesian, I prefer to have my satay with sweet soy sauce 😀



Barramundi stuffed with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.
The fish is chargrilled. Tasted ok on its own (they did not put any sauce), this dish accompanied by nam jim jeaw, a spicy relish of chilly, palm sugar, tamarind essence with hint of tomato. So you can imagine it is quite sour, but the sourness compliment the fish perfectly.

We only had these 2 dishes with sticky rice.

Doyle’s at Watson’s Bay October 29, 2008

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We ate here with Erwin on his daytrip around Sydney.

Reached there around 1.30-2PM, as expected it was busy time as there were lotsa people queueing up buying foods. I managed to get a seat inside so Erwin and Diana waited for the foods outside.

We only had 3 dishes which are The Seafood Basket (variety of deep fried seafoods), Combo Pack (almost the same thing with The Basket), and Oysters 1/2 doz with Mornay Sauce and Cheese.




Oysters 1/2 doz with Mornay Sauce and Cheese

Fresh oysters, cheese is salty and gooey enough. First time trying the mornay sauce 🙂



The Seafood Basket & Combo Pack
Consists of 2 pcs of fish, calamaris, prawn cutlets, scallops, and of course chips. Overall I can’t differentiate deep fried taste from any other fish and chips shops. The fish are beer battered (I think) so the crispiness is well … quite crispy 😀 The sweet chilli sauce provided need a bit more taste to it as the it is not strong, but then again people prefer it that way …. but I like it hot 🙂

Sakura Japanese Kitchen at Pitt St October 24, 2008

Posted by adrian in Sydney Foods.

Last Thursday, we were keen to go to Sydney Night Noodle market, and three of us (me, Diana, Erwin) arrived at 8PM only to found too many crowds queueing at the stalls and we felt very very hungry.

Decided that better look for some nearest restaurant that is not too crowded so we can eat straight away. Well, what do you know, we really found one and literally after we order (a minute or so), the foods came to our table blazing fast!


Actually, we have been wanting to dine here but never got the chance so we gave it try.

Pork Katsu Don set
Erwin ordered this and I tasted a bit as well. Crumbs is a bit on the soggy side.

Diana had the Tasmania Don which consists of sashimis with rice. There is also some tartare sauce? The fishes don’t look fresh.

Meanwhile, I had the Teriyaki Chicken set. Again pretty common taste.

Takoyaki, bland taste inside. The mayonaise does not help bring up the taste either. Big no-no!

Deep Fried Gyoza, no good as well.

We are totally disappointed with the taste, and freshness of the foods. They already prepare the foods in the plate / bowl so I assume they just heat it in microwave before serve it. Also, a bit hard getting cold water as the waitress didn’t want to give the big bottle. So everytime we have to call for water to be filled. That is a bit silly. For sure, we won’t be coming back here.

Now is Friday afternoon, and I am still deciding what to have for dinner ….. hopefully it is not going to be as bad as Sakura 🙂

Ichiban Boshi at Bondi Junction October 24, 2008

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After keep having ramen at Ryo’s, we came back here (as we were in the neighborhood) last Saturday. Was quite busy considering it was just about 6PM when we got in, and luckily some people just left so we managed to get seats in that small crowded place 🙂

As usual, you have to order and pay first at the counter. I ordered Miso Ramen, Diana got the Tokyo Ramen and Erwin ordered Chashu Ramen. If you really paid attention, the price is different from the one in TGV, it is cheaper here. Probably due to location and rental fees 😀


Chashu ramen – $12.00
I think there was like 5 or 6 pieces of sliced pork, topped with shallots.

Tokyo Ramen – $8.90
The broth is clear with soy sauce. Garnish includes soy sauce egg, fishcake and seaweeds.


Miso ramen – $8.90
Filled with miso paste, the taste is not as bland as tokyo ramen. But there was only the sliced pork, shallots, corns and bean sprouts.

Writing this post makes me want to eat ramen again ………………….. at Ryo’s 😀

Dinner at Saap Thai – Pitt St October 23, 2008

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Constant cravings of pad thai made me went to Saap Thai for dinner last week. This place is conveniently located just across the World Square on Pitt St, so for those hungry people after shopping, they can hop there easily and have some good thai foods.

Got there around 6 – 6.30, we quickly seated and order 3 dishes 🙂



Som Tum Thai – $7.50
It is mix papaya/pawpaw salad with some tomatoes, peanuts and green beans. Their som tum thai is quite hot, so we requested them to make it a bit milder.


Pad Se Ew (beef)- $8.00
Similar to fried rice noodles (guo tiao).


Pad Thai (beef) – $8.00
The best pad thai I believe hahaha. They have a bit of sourness (probably due to some lemon juice) on the pad thai. I prefer my pad thai this way.

Thai Ice Milk tea – $3.50
Just to cool it off after some heat from the chilli on som tum. I didn’t like it too much, but Diana digs it so she had this for herself, meanwhile I only drink the cold tap water 🙂


Sydney Night Noodle Market 2008 at Hyde Park October 21, 2008

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Just went there today after work. Actually went there last week on Thursday night, but was very crowded. So we came back today and got there at 6 PM so not yet crowded and there were seats available. We missed this event last year, so now can’t afford to miss it 🙂



I read a post on Eat Like A Cow about the Noodle Market and therefore decided to try Yai, Singapore Guo Tiao King and East Ocean.

Not too many people yet when we came at 6PM




Singapore Guo Tiao King stall


BBQ King Prawn Guo Tiao – $12
NO trace of MSG, Diana thought it’s a bit heavy on oyster sauce, otherwise tasted almost the same like the ones you can get in Singapore. It is not really a king prawn as you can see the smallish size of prawns.




Pad thai – $9
I got this pad thai from Yai’s Surry Hills. Quite surprised they already made the pad thai so it is ready to be packed and served. The taste is nothing special, no little sour taste which I really like in pad thai from Saap Thai. I think it really just the same ordinary pad thai you can get from some food court.


Salt and Pepper Calamari – $12
Diana said it is not really calamari, it is octopussquid tentacle. I don’t know and not care too much, but this portion really made us full.

The 3 dishes we had

Various stalls for this year’s noodle market :








The VIP area

Why would there be lion dance?


The long queue on Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine. I wonder if they have any specialty dishes?



This stall has quite a long queue as well. Never tried gozleme before, it is interesting to give it try sometime. The photo shows gozleme with fetta cheese, spinach and beef being made.


Increasing amount of crowds when we about to leave Hyde Park

We did not get any drinks from the noodle market, and luckily found this on our way back to the car :


Easy Way just opened on the Myer food court (Sydney Central Plaza food court). And they have a special offer going on until 23 Oct 2008. So while you are there, grab this one 😀

Buy 1 get 1 free until 23 Oct 08

Medium green apple green tea with aloe vera

Medium lychee green tea with aloe vera

All in all, we are quite satisfied with foods and even more satisfied due to Easy Way buy 1 get 1 free 😀 Thinking of going back for the next few days try different foods, if we have the time.

Wagaya Restaurant at Haymarket October 21, 2008

Posted by adrian in Sydney Foods.

Was going to have dinner at Daruma after church with the usual mob, we found out that they were closed for public as there was a private function held. So, we went to Wagaya instead since it has been 3 months ago we eaten here.



Once there, we were told to wait 30 minutes as they were quite busy at the time. So we duly wait and precisely after 30 mins mark, we were called to our table. As you might have know, this place got a touchscreen on each table for ordering foods so no need for calling waitress. That is quite cool but what about food quality? We are about to find out.

Menu is quite big and lots of foods are listed in there, so we needed a bit of time to make up our mind. To me, a large menu is a sign that food quality is not gonna be that special since they have to make a lot variety of foods in short time to fulfill customer’s demand.


Sushi roulette – $8.60
We started off with this. Luckily I didn’t get the one with massive amount of wasabi. Too bad we all forgot to put the soy sauce since we too much paying attention picking the sushi.

Dragon Roll – $9.80


Rainbow roll – $9.80
Sam & Stephanie had dragon roll. Feri & Shierlyne got the rainbow roll. Did not expect the sushi roll look so small. Totally different than what we had 3 months ago. Why did they make the size smaller? Totally disappointed with these rolls. Not recommended having sushi at this place.

Salmon chazuke – $8.90
Mark chose this one as he likes rice very much hahaha. It is a salmon soup with rice (and ginger I assume). I thought it is a bit expensive since bowl is not that big.


Sukiyaki – $9.90
Diana and I had this, it comes with the portable stove and everything is still raw. Tasted quite ok.


Yaki Onigiri – $5.50
Oily, salty and only a little bit of fish inside. I just imagined I am having those onigiris from Ryo Noodle’s when having this, hahaha it is that bad!

Overall experience is not very delightful. All of us are really let down with small portion size and somewhat mediocre taste. We all agreed won’t be coming back here.

Yumcha at Zilver October 20, 2008

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Our friend Erwin, will be flying back to Jakarta on Sunday afternoon, so we took him to have yumcha in the morning. There should have been another friend joining us, but she bailed out at last minute.



We decided to try yumcha at Zilver considering the place is always crowded at lunch time. We got there by 9.30am which is very early (we usually sleep in on Sundays hehehe). As expected, the restaurant is pretty empty and there was only 1 old chinese guy having his tea reading newspaper.

Once we seated, the food trolley came and we chose our dishes straight away.

Chicken feed
Too much blackbeans and garlic so the taste is overpowered by those 2 ingredients. Prefer the ones from East Ocean.

Chicken siu may
We also ordered pork siu may which looks similar but tasted better hehehe. Overall, siu may is not that solid (when I bite it, it just breaking apart). I prefer solid siu mays 😀

Har gau
East Ocean definitely do this dish better than Zilver. Here, it is too sticky resulting the skin won’t coming off from the wooden container.

Pork ribs
Again it is a bit strong on the blackbean side. But I found it quite delicious.

Xiao long bao
Not too much ginger taste inside. It was ok.

Cha siu pau

Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

Lo ma gai (sticky rice in lotus leaf)

Mango pancake
This desert managed to let me down with little bit of mangoes contained inside and the cream is not that sweet.

About an hour later since we came in, all dishes are finished and we ready to pay.

They also have the tissue pack similar to East Ocean’s. I wonder if other yumcha restaurants also have this kind of thing?